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      Waterborne silicone series


      KAIYUE TECH-KY-178 silicone emulsion


      KY-178 silicone emulsion

      Performance characteristics:

      KY-178 emulsion is a 50% anionic emulsion of high molecular dimethicone. The function is equivalent to Dow Corning 1784 and Dow Corning 1785, more economical.

      Does not affect foam properties
      Improve wet carding performance
      Gives hair a soft touch
      Brighten hair color
      Skin conditioning

      An additive very suitable for 2-in-1 shampoo or shampoo products. In 2-in-1 shampoo, it can improve wet combing performance, give hair a soft touch, and brighten hair color.

      The emulsion has no effect on the quantity or quality of the foam. The recommended concentration is 2 to 4%.

      In the 2-in-1 shower gel, it can make the skin smoother.