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      Waterborne silicone series

      Water-soluble silicone oil for cosmetic system additives KX-193/DC-193

      Product Details

      Features: KY-193 is a hydrophilic polyether-modified siloxane with a high cloud point. It produces a moisturizing and moisturizing smoothness in the cosmetic system. It can also be used as a foam control agent for polyurethane spray composite systems. Equivalent to Dow Corning DC-193.

      Uses: It can be used as an additive for cosmetics such as gel water, transparent skin care gel, hair spray, and foam control agent for polyurethane coatings.

      Usage and dosage: recommended 2~5% in cosmetic system, 2~3% in polyurethane system

      水溶性硅油 用于化妆品体系添加剂 KX-193DC-193


      Exterior Colourless to light yellow transparent liquid Proportion(25℃) 0.98~1.03 Viscosity(mPa.S,25℃) 600~900
      Origin Silicone oil softener Active ingredients 100(%) Cloud point >80℃
      Model KX-193 Brand KAIXUN Packing specification 50kg、200kg/barrel