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      Waterborne silicone series

      Long-chain alkyl and polyether co-modified silicone oil Special silicone leveling agent anti-ghosting KX-2046

      Product Details

      It is a new type of special organic silicone surfactant, which only causes a slight decrease in surface tension. It is suitable for water-based, oily systems (coatings, inks, paints) and solvent-free systems, and is compatible with polymer organics, especially alkanes. The substance has excellent mutual solubility. Can be dispersed in water or white emulsified. As an additive, this product has the properties of wetting, dispersing, defoaming, emulsifying, penetrating, antistatic, soft, lubricating, and solubilizing. Solvent-free product is equivalent to BYK-325.


      1. An excellent w/o emulsifier in cosmetics can form a stable and delicate paste with excellent lubricity and moisturizing properties.
      2. Water-oil amphoteric coating system surface slip agent and substrate wetting agent, both defoaming and anti-foaming properties. Improve the levelling and surface smoothness of the coating, increase substrate wetting, improve scratch resistance and anti-blocking properties, improve product gloss, prevent shrinkage, prevent floating and blooming, and do not affect recoating.
      3. The basic raw material of defoamer and anti-sticking agent without negative effects (such as coloring, bonding, oiling, recoating, etc.).
      4. Excellent lubricant and dispersion stabilizer for other oils and emulsions

      长链烷基与聚醚共改性硅油 特种有机硅流平剂防鬼影 KX-2046


      Solubility Water and Oil Exterior Transparent or translucent liquid Density 0.95~1.04(kg/m3)
      Chemical Composition Long-chain alkyl and polyether Effective substance content 100(%) Content 100(%)
      Model KX-2046 Brand KAIXUN Packing specification 18kg/barrel