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      Waterborne silicone series

      Dry and wet method PU resin modifier, feel agent, leather chemical additives KY-3133

      Product Details

      Features: KY3133, KY2213, and KY2666 are three primary hydroxyl polyether-terminated linear polydimethylsiloxanes. Both ends of the molecule contain reactive hydroxyl groups, which can react with isocyanate (one NCO) to graft to PU resin. And synthetic leather is comprehensively modified to obtain a long-lasting hand feeling effect. It can be used for the modification of dry and wet PU resins and is especially suitable for low modulus wet resins. It can replace DC-3667 and is more economical.


      1.Reduce surface tension, wetting, levelling, anti-sticking, peeling, anti-shrinkage;
      2.Promote muscle formation, flexibility, smoothness, and abrasion resistance
      3.Improve air permeability, moisture permeability, low-temperature flexural resistance



      皮革改性剂 手感剂 皮革化工助剂 KX-3133


      Model KY3133 KY2666 KY2213 Brand KAIXUN
      Exterior Transparent liquid Translucent liquid Translucent liquid / /
      Density(20℃, g/ml) 1.02-1.04 1.02-1.04 1.02-1.04 Packing specification 50kg、200kg/Barrel
      Molecular weight 3100 2700 2200 / /