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      Waterborne silicone series

      KX-ABES-7 Water and oil paint additives

      Product Detail

      Features: KX-ABES-7 is a water-based high temperature resistant, wetting and leveling agent.

      Uses: used as additives for water and oil paint


      耐高温润湿流平剂 水油涂料添加剂 KX-ABES-7 凯迅


      chemical composition Polydimethylsiloxane 有效物质含量: 100% / /
      Solubility Waterborne 外观 无色透明或半透明油状液体 / /
      型号: KX-ABES-75A 品牌: 凯迅 包装规格: 50kg、200kg/桶