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      Waterborne Resin/ leather surface treatment agent

      Garment leather washing carbon black treatment agent, higher blackness and oil brightness KY-1877H

      Product Detail

      Features: KY-1877H is a washing carbon black treatment agent for clothing leather, which can give higher blackness and oil brightness

      Purpose: Suitable for post-processing of clothing leather. Strong color development, making black blacker. Excellent blackness, good oil brightness.

      水洗碳黑处理剂 KY1877H 凯悦 水性真皮表处剂


      外观 黑色不透明液体 固含量(%) 36±1 溶剂组成: MEK/EAC/BAC
      主要用途 服装革水洗碳黑处理 可售卖地 全国 粘度(mPa.s? 25℃): /
      型号: KY-1877H 品牌: 凯迅 包装规格: 18kg、180kg/桶