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      Waterborne Resin/ leather surface treatment agent

      KY-A Leather treatment agent (Black)

      Product Detail

      Features: Special black treatment agent A Wen is a color changing agent for PU mutton leather and garment leather, which gives the finished product high blackness

      Uses: Give water-based PU, artificial leather, leather surface special black treatment.

      Expansion of use: Change the color of sheep’s ba, garment leather to the first to second edition. It has a grainy feel and can be burnt. Coarse and deep patterns can be roll coated and burnished to reflect the impression.


      皮革处理剂(特黑) 羊巴革服装革改色剂 赋予制品高黑度


      执行标准 企标 有效物质含量: 100% 特征 高黑度,可烫亮
      主要用途 皮革表面改色特黑处理剂 固形份% 30±2 粘度(mPa.s? 25℃): 400-1000
      型号: KY-A 品牌: 凯迅 包装规格: 50kg、200kg/桶