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      What is an organic solvent? What is DMF? Why choose water-based PU leather

      Traditional PU polymerization involves organic solvents like DMF, dimethylformamide, to control PU viscosity so that the PU can be easily processed and coated. DMF is a colorless moisture-absorbing liquid with a pungent odor and high boiling point, soluble in water, alcohol, and acetone. Organic solvents emitted during traditional PU processing would eventually become greenhouse gases, solvent elimination consumes a lot of energy, and the traditional process cannot completely eliminate DMF from the product. Sometimes, residual solvents might induce respiratory disturbances in patients with a weak respiratory system (like asthmatic patients).

      The annual demand for solvent-based PU resin for synthetic leather is about 2 million tons/year, of which 70% is the solvent content of the resin; the diluted material (organic solvent) is 1:1 million, and the industry needs a total of 3.4 million tons of solvent. The recovery rate of the solvent in the wet process line is about 90%; the recovery rate of the solvent in the dry process line is only about 50%; the solvent composition is complicated in the process of finishing (coating) (except DMF, toluene, methylal, acetic acid B) Ester, methyl ethyl ketone and other 50%), strong volatility, solvent recovery is more difficult; the industry has at least 80-100 million tons of solvent discharge per year, causing serious environmental pollution; serious waste of resources: 1 million tons × 0.8 million Yuan/ton = 8 billion yuan; fire hazard + work environment health affects the physical and mental health of the workers (recruitment is difficult!)


      EU and other nations have listed DMF as a restricted toxic substance. Various renowned European sellers have demanded that the products be DMF-free, which we (KAIYUE TECH) can achieve.

      Our water-based leather replaces organic solvents with water, and the production process is non-polluting and environmentally friendly.

      Water-based pu leather does not contain harmful chemicals such as DMF, DOP, heavy metals, etc.

      It is the best substitute for real leather and solvent PU leather.